MT-BC Exam Prep Workshop: CONQUER the Test!

You’ve completed all your coursework, logged all your pre-clinical hours, and finished your internship. Now, only one thing stands between you & starting your dream career: the board examination.

No matter your study style, preparing for the exam can be a daunting task. That’s why Kat & her special guests put together this free MT-BC board exam prep workshop– knowing HOW to take a test is just as impactful on your success as knowing WHAT is on the test. 🙂 Your hard work over the past few years has given you everything you need to step out as a new leader in healthcare with that MT-BC on your name tag. CONQUER that exam, and wear it proudly!

Here is your exam prep workshop!
*SPECIAL NOTE: Lillieth mentions hand-scoring. That was a 20th Century feature! NO LONGER AVAILABLE. If you’re one point off, there is no negotiation.
✏️3:50 Bell curve explanation of standardized tests
✏️4:30 The most common time management mistake while taking the exam, and how to FLIP THIS AROUND so you 💥 CONQUER 💥
✏️7:15 Why the scratch paper you use in the exam room is more valuable than your wallet and phone COMBINED
✏️11:00 The answers that the exam writers will NEVER want you to choose
✏️13:00 Haley Elizabeth Stead, MT-BC guest introduction – just passed in spring 2018
✏️13:50 How to lower your stress around taking the exam
✏️14:20 Why you should take the practice exam
✏️14:50 How to use SELF-TRUST to move gracefully through the exam
✏️15:25 Why you should answer 💥 EVERY 💥 QUESTION 💥 on the exam – Don’t leave any question blank!
✏️16:20 Use rituals to boost your confidence!
✏️17:45 Lillieth Cusick Grand, MA, MT-BC guest introduction – long time mentor to students & new professionals
✏️19:05 Know that the exam IS PASSABLE – You can barely pass and that’s GOOD! Failing is not the end of the world!
✏️19:50 No two exams are the same, and you’ll never see the practice exam questions on the exam. BUT here’s what you need to know about the practice exam.
✏️21:05 THIS is your best study guide is the 2 “Intro to MT” books
✏️21:30 Why you gotta walk in fresh and confident and “I’m already a MT!”
✏️22:50 What to do 3 consecutive days prior to the exam, day of, what to wear
✏️25:30 BRING WATER 😊
✏️26:30 Which questions to answer FIRST and how to avoid careless mistakes
✏️29:50 💥What to do when a question has 2+ answers that could be correct
✏️40:20 Carrie Whatley, MT-BC guest introduction – just passed in May 2018
✏️41:50 How to avoid overwhelm by breaking it down during the prep time
✏️42:30 Carrie’s personal best strategies ASIDE FROM reading books! How to tap into YOUR best learning approach.
✏️44:25 Which practice test is better
✏️45:20 Which FB group is the best for studying up on the exam!, run by Madi R. Pote!
✏️47:20 Take chapters of the populations you are least familiar with, then read those of Davis, Gfeller, Thaut Intro book!
✏️48:30 What to do on EXAM DAY! (Carrie gets big text-taking anxiety, so this is very valuable!)
✏️49:55 What to do when you’re 2/3 done and your brain is MUSH 😉
✏️51:10 Carrie’s strategy on how to use your scratch paper
✏️52:45 Stay tuned in to the countdown timer! How to break down your TIME MANAGEMENT, using the countdown timer.
✏️55:55 Kathrine Lee, MT-BC, guest introduction. She passed in 2017!
✏️57:00 For those who DON’T want to read all the books and make flash cards and create visuals, etc…
✏️58:08 What to do on the day of – Kathrine sings the best mantra song by Robin Rio!
✏️59:00 Why the scratch paper was Kathrine’s LIFE LINE during the exam! And how she used her awareness of her humanistic approach as her SUPERPOWER in determining the answer.
✏️1:03:58 The best location to use to take the practice exam! GAME CHANGER.

Jedi Mind Tricks


Turn “This won’t work for me…” into “How can I MAKE this work for me?” 

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