Free May Session Idea: Imperial March

Do you have clients that love Star Wars? Bring this fun boomwhacker arrangement of the Imperial March into your sessions! This is the way…

  1. Boomwhackers required for this song
    • Red (C), Orange (D), Yellow (E), Green (F), Teal (G), Purple (A), Pink (B) out of a standard diatonic set.
    • Chromatic set needed and link to purchase is listed below in resources.
  2. There are multiple parts to play
    • Decide how to assign parts: assign parts yourself or let the clients choose their colors
    • There are 5 main parts.
    • Feel free to mix and match the different parts, or make up your own to add on!
  3. Teach the song! 
    • Teach one part at a time, demonstrating as necessary.
    • Once clients have a feel for their individual part, begin adding in multiple parts at the same time at a rate that the group can follow along with based on their specific needs.
  4. Play the song together. 
    • Take as many sessions of practicing parts as your clients need before attempting the song all together.
    • When you feel your clients are ready, play all together, everyone with their designated part.
    • Commemorate this “performance” of the piece by recording so your clients can listen back to the product of their practicing.
      • You may also choose to make a copy for each client to keep to remember


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