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Kind Words About Ami

I started working with Ami after realizing I was experiencing burnout from work, personal circumstances, some stressful upcoming major events, and not having a good strategy of sustaining self-care that I needed. Ami helped me to challenge my previous ways of thinking, create daily routines, and use meditation coping strategies that started changing my life immediately. She was easy to talk to, confide in, and willing to work with me at the pace I needed. Making positive and meaningful changes required a lot of personal work, and Ami was the guidance and support that I needed.”

L.B., Music Therapist

Ami has been instrumental in explaining and advocating about the importance of self-care. She has presented several times regarding this issue and has much to offer to the discussion. Leading by example, she encouraged people to recognize their self care practices as well as find renewed interest in maintaining and advancing these practices.” 

Lauren Stoner, MA, MT-BC
Ami Kunimura, MA, MT-BC