Interested in Private Practice? This is for you.

ZerotoFullTimeTitleImageWe are so geeked about the newest course release at Music Therapy Ed! But there’s even better news, for a limited time you can earn 5 CMTEs for $75, instead of the typical 3 CMTEs. Watch the preview video now!
This course will focus on providing essential information, resources, and tips for music therapists in every step of the business process; whether you are interested in opening and running a private practice, expanding your practice, or you’ve faced challenges and are looking for a change in the way your business is handled.


Special Offer Thru April 7th ONLY:
When you sign up for Zero to Full Time  – Private Practice by Tuesday, April 7th at noon Pacific time, here’s the added value that you will receive:

  • 5 CMTEs for $75, instead of the regular 3 CMTEs. By signing up for the extra CMTEs, you will get an opportunity to sit in with Meryl LIVE on a not 1 but 2 calls. The calls will give you an opportunity to dive deep with Meryl into the course and ask her all of your questions.
  • Don’t worry! If you cannot make it to the calls live, we will furnish you with a recording afterwards and you will still earn the extra CMTEs!

After April 7th at noon Pacific time, we will only offer 3 CMTEs instead of 5. THIS is your chance to take charge and take your private practice from zero to full time!

Ready to get started? Here’s the link:

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