What’s “normal” ?

As therapists, we rarely use the word “normal” to describe others. However, “normativity” is framing a conversation so that a specific status is considered “the norm.” Hetero-normativity occurs when it’s “normal” to be heterosexual. Similarly, hetero-normativity occurs when it’s “not normal” to be gay. Spencer Hardy describes it eloquently in this video:

As a therapist, “good ethics” means being sensitive to our clients’ needs, cultures, and preferences. Although ethics is rarely black and white, it’s important to keep a high level of awareness of your own biases. Do you have support in the area of ethics? And who do you turn to when you encounter an ethical dilemma?

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Maybe you need more support. If you’d like to deepen around cultural ethics, then enroll in our Cultural Ethics course by Robin Rio!

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