Free January Session Idea! New Year Blues

The New Year is a time for reflection and remembrance, but also for setting new goals for ourselves. We all typically have things we want to work on or improve on in our lives. This fun 12-bar blues is a way for you to bring that New Year’s energy into your sessions. Help your clients develop goals for themselves in the New Year through song writing and discussion!


  1. Learn the song
    • Download the lead sheet to the left and follow along with the video!
  2. Teach the song to your clients
    • You may want to consider printing the pdf or making your own version to print so you have copies to handout if helpful
    • Teach the chorus first and then decide if it would be more suitable to your clients to fill in the blank on the verses or write their own verses entirely.
      • For a group, each member can write a verse, they can do it in pairs or teams, or they can write it as one large group.
  3. Sing through the chorus together as many times as appropriate so that clients feel comfortable with the song
  4. Allow clients a designated amount of time to write their verses
    • This may need to be done with assistance from you or you can break off into smaller groups as mentioned above
  5. Have the group come back together to share their verses
    • You can do this two ways:
      • Sing through all of the written verses first or discuss first and then sing
      • If clients are comfortable, you may opt to have them sing their own verses and have the group come back together for the chorus.
    • If using in an individual session, have client sing their verses, sing the chorus together and maybe consider throwing in a quick verse of your own goals if appropriate with your client.
  6. Repeat as many times as necessary

Video Demo


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