Free November Session Idea: Thanksgiving Dinner

Use this song for a Thanksgiving theme! Sung to the tune of “Frere Jacques”, this song creates an opportunity to talk about Thanksgiving and a fun way for client’s to talk about their favorite parts of Thanksgiving dinner.


  1. Begin with a discussion about Thanksgiving if appropriate:
    • Include hisotrical information about the holiday
    • Include time for reminiscing about client’s experiences with the holiday
    • Questions that can be asked:
      • What does the holiday mean to you?
      • What traditions do you have?
      • How does your family celebrate?
      • What is your favorite part of the holiday?
      • What are you thankful for?
  2. Introduce the song
    • Sing through the first verse of the song to introduce the tune and to set the idea of talking about Thanksgiving dinner
  3. Have client(s) choose food items to put into the song
    • You can opt to have client(s) make a list of food items before singing that you will use to fill in the blanks in the song or 
    • Or have client(s) call out food items to put into the blank when that time arrives while singing already
  4. Adaptations: 
    • This could be an opportunity for client(s) to discuss celebrations from other culture or other holidays they may celebrate instead of Thanksgiving. Change the lyrics of the song to represent their celebrations and traditions
    • Include instrument play if desired
    • Utilize visuals of different food (included in downloads!)
    • Ask client(s) to discuss any unique celebrations or food items they have in their family.
    • In a group setting, give each person a unique item for the fill in section of the song. Use this to work on receptive language skills, memory, or turn taking!


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