Grab These 3 Drumming Doodads

It’s Kat writing here – I sure could use some intervention ideas. How about you? I’ve got just what you need in these 3 Drumming Doodads! I’ve taken more rhythm workshops than I can count on my fingers and toes – whether it be taiko, djembe, darabuka, riq, frame drums and more! I’m not a drumming expert, but I’m certainly an aficionado. And my passion is in SHARING with YOU! So, JOIN ME =)

Grab these 3 Drumming Doodads and get inspired as Dave Holland and I whip your drumming transitions into shape! I’ve used these doodads in settings from corporate team building to early childhood and family support in hospice. Grab ’em and re-discover your rhythmic passion by sharing the experience!

3 Drumming Doodads


    • Hi Nicole! In order to receive those doodads, simply click one of the links above and enter your name and email. Thanks for your interest!

    • YEAH Carla!!! Our drumming buddy! So glad you’re grabbing these – They are fun and will spark lots of creativity!

  1. As you probably know, there is published research showing that people with dementia who can keep rhythm with music will be happy even if they cannot sing song lyrics like others with dementia. That’s why I share tambourines and bells with the dementia clients I volunteer to entertain.

  2. Hi, i am a italian musictherapist and I work in a long care nursing home with not self sufficiency old people some of them with Alzheimer’s type of Dementia. I have read the book of Robin Rio about musictherapy and Alzheimer if i well rebember ” Throught connecting people” which has inspiered me to write my thesis : Musictherapy ans Alzheimer’s type of Dementia: Singing as a therapeutic tool. I find your wen site interesting and usuful to keep professionals around the world who work with music informed what is being done in other realties. Actually I keep working in the nursing home nevertheless coronavirus and my clients are already using drums and other instruments and they also dance along with the music and singing. I may be interested paticularly in workshops, seminar related to musictherapy and Alzheimer ‘s type of Dementia. May I recive newsletter of monthly scheduled programs of workshops, seminars or lessons or video conferences? Thank you

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