Music Therapy for Valentine’s Day

Hello Leader In Healthcare! We wanted to shower you with LOVE before February arrived, so you’re prepared for your sessions.

Affirmations are statements made in the present tense that describe something positive about your self. When you use them in simple repetition over a simple rhythm, they become mantras in active meditation. It’s great for quieting your mind, enhancing your mood, and transforming your spirit.

What interventions are you going to use for Valentine’s Day?


  1. Kat, what a gift! A gorgeous affirmation! I often don’t open emails- not because I’m not interested but because I don’t have much time=) I’m so glad I opened this one! Happy Valentine’s, singer-drummer-awake-today-woman!

  2. These are wonderful. I fully believe in the power of music therapy. Music has helped my autistic son tremendously. It not only makes him happy, it connects us and it helps him self-regulate. Amazing.

  3. Heart beat of Life is Drum Beats.
    I to use certain beats with affirmations, we call this Coros, in Spanish, we sing, chant whatever one feels to carry on the Percussion Sound with their voices, and peaceful . Thx for sharing .

  4. Excellent. Thanks Kat soothing and meaningful I’ll be trying it with my groups I run for people living with dementia.

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