New CMTE Course Online Zen is here + a special shout-out to Kellee Coviak, MT-BC

Hello fellow music therapist!

I’ve got super exciting news for you tonight… Our new course Online Zen is LIVE, hoppin’, and happenin’ on the site! Online Zen walks you through step-by-step installing WordPress, creating a website, utilizing plugins, integrating with social media, and maximizing your search engine optimization Go watch the preview for Online Zen!

The instructors and I have a vision for 2013. We want to:

  • Make your life easier,
  • Propel you into being your best music therapist self, and
  • Over-deliver to the point of disbelief.

Today, we’re bringing the over-delivery! If you’ve been thinking about the VIP Subscription, you only have one more week to enroll in the VIP Subscription, forever-access to ALL courses. Read on…

This Week’s Shout-Out

Kellee Coviak, MT-BC, Coda Music Therapy, Lansing, MI, , Online Zen This week’s Shout-Out goes to “Zen Master” Kellee Coviak, MT-BC, owner of Coda Music Therapy Services in Lansing, MI.

Kellee was hesitant to join Online Zen last year because of the investment and time commitment. Also, she had experience building websites before, so she wasn’t sure the course would serve her more advanced needs.

Here’s a comment she left after watching the first video in the course: “Kat – I’ve already made back (at least) half of the money I spent on your course, simply by watching these first couple videos!”

“I am so thrilled I trusted my instincts to take Online Zen, in spite of my busy schedule. SO worth it! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!”

Later she said “Now I have a COMPLETELY 100% IMPROVED WEBSITE! Would I recommend Online Zen? Definitely! I learned a ton and I was not new to website development. This course is opening so many doors for me… have I mentioned I’m excited?!?”

Join >65 Zen Masters and master YOUR domain. Watch the Online Zen preview, and consider becoming a VIP Subscriber.

Lock In Our Low Rate For VIP Subscription (Forever All-Access) One Week Left!

The final enrollment day for the VIP Subscription is Tuesday, February 5. We are ending this access option after Tuesday. But if you sign up now, you can have access to all of our courses forever.

Have you noticed that all single courses have an access limit? Most courses offer 2 months of access. With the VIP Subscription, you have access to ALL the courses, FOREVER or as long as you want.

If you sign up now, you are guaranteed 100 CMTEs within the next year. You are also guaranteed the low locked-in monthly rate forever.

You can instantly access $1,100 worth in CMTE courses NOW for less than $35.

In a year, the courses on our site will be worth more than $2,000.

For less than $35/month, that’s a steal. Join now or forever hold your peace.

Here’s the link:

Be well, feel good, and keep rockin’ music therapy,

Kat Fulton, Curator

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