Why do you love music therapy?

What is music therapy?January is always Social Media Advocacy Month for us music therapists. The instructors and I (Kat) love social media AND music therapy so much, so this seems to be a perfect fit for us to participate.

Because we have Tuesday Shout-Out email list subscribers all over the world, I’d like to first direct you to a webpage that offers “What is music therapy?” in twenty different languages. Some languages offer an audio version, and all of them offer pdfs. What a great resource for our music therapy friends around the world!

This year for advocacy month, we’ve been asked the question “Why do you love music therapy?” I personally could go on and on. But what I’d rather do is ask you. So I did. Here’s what you said:

What is music therapy?

I also asked “for which AWESOME population do you advocate music therapy? Here’s what you said:

What is music therapy?

Finally, I wanted to know who advocated for music therapy on our behalf from the outside, and here’s what you said:

What is music therapy?

I’m always floored by the power of social media… the pep and spirit that causes a ripple affect around the globe, the energy out there. We’ve got TONS of people advocating with us, for us, for our clients, and for our cause.

Congratulations to YOU, music therapist, for choosing your Dream Job, for putting yourself in a place of service, and for making the world a better place.

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=) Kat, Curator MusicTherapyEd.com

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