Get your practice in GEAR with 4 tips

Hello music therapy aficionados!

Today, we’re giving you the low-down on getting started with a practice. Click play to watch our 4 tips:

Be well, feel good, and keep rockin’ music therapy,

Kat Fulton, Course Curator

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  1. Mary, I would suggest getting connecting with the Autism Society! If working with people on the spectrum is something you’re interested in pursuing, ask Kat to connect us via email and I’d be happy to help.

  2. Hey Mary and fellow Utahn!
    A few thoughts … I came across a marketing mantra that I really like:
    “Know, Like, Trust, Buy”
    I have been able to develop a lot of relationships through involvement w/ organizations that support the populations I work with. As I help their organization, they get to know me and like me, they’re starting to trust me more (asking for more info and in-services) which, hopefully, will lead to more of the buying! I really have developed some great friendships this way – and its amazing how many people you really come to know just by being present at all the organization events. Good luck ! Way to jump in!
    -Emily Christensen

  3. Mary I totally relate! Even after being ‘in business’ for several years I still feel overwhelmed and a fair amount of pressure. You can look at those feelings as positive motivators to keep moving forward. You are doing amazing. Just keep up that amazing work ethic and quality service, and things will happen for you. We Utah mt’s can really band together and spread the good word of music therapy 🙂

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