Stop Burnout Special

Hello fellow music therapist!

Today’s Shout-Out is Janice Lindstrom!

Janice Lindstrom, MA, MT-BC, is the instructor for the Burnout Prevention course. She is a mover and shaker over at Janice is a top-notch music therapy advocate…

In fact, I’ve been riding her coattails online for a couple years. Her Music Therapy Show is the longest-running online music therapy resource out there!

Janice is loved and revered in our profession. She’s a regular speaker at conferences, she’s a generous resource, and she’s got a TON of experience and wisdom to share.

Not many people know, but about 8 years ago, Janice had a crippling burnout episode that knocked her out of working commission for a while. She got back on her feet again eventually. After deep studies in burnout and wellness, Janice learned how to take care of herself in a preventative way. She now embodies wellness in all aspects of self-care and helps other music therapists in danger of burnout.

Her course is perfect for you if…
>> You are tired to the point of exhaustion
>> You are overwhelmed, unmotivated, or stressed-out
>> You feel physical pain after a day of work
>> You are thinking “This profession isn’t right for me”
>> You are concerned you might reach burnout and would like to take preventative steps

Your Special Thru THURSDAY ONLY

Sign up for the Burnout Course by THURSDAY, October 4 at midnight and get 5 CMTEs for the price of 3! Janice is offering two exclusive phone calls to support the course materials.

Each call will be held within the 2 months of course access. The topics of the calls include supportive processing, rejuvenation, life-balance skills, when-to-say-no tips, and self-healing exercises. Sign up here:

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Be well, feel good, and keep rockin’ music therapy,

Kat Fulton, Curator

P.S. Here’s what course participants say about Janice’s course:

I was unsure as to whether I really wanted to do a self-examination of things that are easier ignored than dealt with. But now, I feel much more “aware” of what can be done to make my life less stressful. Applause for Janice to be so open and sharing! ~Cindy Long, MT-BC

I would recommend this to any professional. Now I can make small goals to reenter the work force. I am doing this course while running after a toddler. Thank you for making it possible for me to get something done in between diaper changes! ~Christina Bartholic, MT-BC

The special Burnout course 5 CMTEs for the price of 3 deal is good thru THURSDAY at midnight ONLY! Scroll up to sign up now.

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  1. The “read more” section lists the CMTEs as 3. Are the calls the other two?
    I’ve never done an online course-you watch the segments at your own times?

    • Hi Judith, correct. The calls are the additional two CMTEs. The video materials are go-at-your-own-pace within the two months of access. If you cannot attend the calls live, we will have recordings for you. Does this answer your question?

    • Hi Michelle! Great questions :: Your two months of access begins immediately upon payment. As soon as you pay, you get instant access to the course videos.

      As for the phone calls we send out an email next week to all the participants with a voting ballot. The two most popular times are scheduled, and if you can’t make it, we furnish you with recordings.

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