Top FIVE for 2015!

Each January is social media advocacy month for music therapy (#mtadvocacy), and our company serves as a CONNECTOR! We love to connect you with experts on specific topics in the realm of music & healthcare. We love to connect you with the media. We love to connect the general public to YOU. We love to connect people in need to those who have expertise on music & health. We love to connect leaders in healthcare (YOU) with those who need you the most.

I feel like the connector characteristic is a type of leadership, and I’m really honored to help make the magic happen within and outside our field. Another piece to the puzzle of advocacy for me is BOLDNESS. Not in a smug or entitled way, but in a contributing and generous way. Many of the connections I’ve made (personally and career-wise) have been a result of a bold phone call, wherein I’ve generously offered help or value to the other party. Those two together – CONNECTION & BOLDNESS – are my favorite combination in advocacy. =)

In the spirit of advocacy, connection, and boldness, let’s take the momentum of the Top 5 in 2015!


Here are the Top 5 for the field of music therapy in 2015:

  1. Music therapists were named Persons of the Week by ABC!
  2. Oregon passed legislation that creates a music therapy licensure!
  3. Music therapy made CNN and Forbes! and PBS and Epoch Times and People!
  4. The Ukulele Kids Club keeps rockin’ – 1,000 ukes donated to music therapy programs around the country in 2015 alone!
  5. Music therapy celebrated SIXTY-FIVE years as an allied healthcare profession! Wow!

Here are the Top 5 for Music Therapy Ed in 2015:

  1. We gave away more than 30 prizes to celebrate our 3rd birthday! Check out a few here.
  2. Our members shared their best moments in our community! Our members come from more than 10 countries, including the UK, Singapore, Greece, Belgium, Australia, Thailand, Japan, China, Canada, and more!
  3. We broke 4,000 Facebook fans!
  4. Our private practice opened up a new San Diego music therapy clinic!
  5. We broadcasted 20 Mindstorm Monthlys in 2015, our free webinars that you can use for CMTE credits!

Now it’s your turn! What were your Top 5 in 2015? This is your chance to pat yourself on the back, celebrate, and shine! We’d love to brag on you in the comments 😉 Kat


  1. Love these top five! What a year for music therapy.

    My top five were:

    1. Learning to step outside of my fear and ask for what I’m WORTH as a music therapist. I learned this in part through the tools at Music Therapy Ed, so thank you!

    2. I started to market my workshops and groups more and have found great success in the network I’ve built for myself. Yay!

    3. I was able to watch my children grow and learn every day, had countless hours of cuddle time and funny conversations that helped me remember the important things.

    4. I expanded my business in a new way that I’d never considered before and it turns it it was a pretty great move!

    5. I enjoyed a couple of fun vacations/family trips and took time to enjoy life to the fullest. Love that most of all.

    • FABULOUS Ellen! I love that you are stepping outside of your fear and asking for what you’re WORTH – that’s what it’s all about, right??? You rock, and I’m lucky to call you my friend!!!

  2. Hi Kat & the MusicTherapyEd team!

    What a great top 5! You guys do such a Fabulous job as a “CONNECTOR!”

    Here are my music therapy top 5 for 2015:

    1. Moved our practice into a clinic space! (Thanks to your clinic space course!)

    2. Filed insurance reimbursement for a client and the amount was applied to the patients’ deductible. (Thanks to the your reimbursement course!)

    3. Got consistent with blog posting over at Music Therapy Kids!

    4. Attended regional and national AMTA conferences!

    5. Purchased a Mac and became well versed in using iMovie and garage band (for creating MT songs and videos)!!!

    I actually wrote a New Year post a little about these and more here:
    If you want to check it out.

    Happy New Year and here’s to more #mtadvocacy!!!

    • Mary! I love your work, and your blog and the way you do everything – Thanks for contributing to #mtadvocacy =) It’s going to be an awesome year in 2016!

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