Grab Your 10 FREE MT Tech Tools!

Does the cost of apps put you off from incorporating tech in your sessions even when you feel it will provide value to your sessions? Well, it shouldn’t!

In fact, from an accessibility point of view, introducing free resources in sessions means that clients from less privileged backgrounds can continue to stay creative beyond the sessions.

Crystal Luk-Worrall, a London-based music therapist, curated 10 MT tech resources that are absolutely free to use!

When you grab this FREE resource, you’ll get:

  • a 13 page guide to free apps and tools that have been effective in music therapy practicecurated by a music therapist
  • handy guide to app complexity and where to access them
  • ideas for how to use the tools in sessions, clinical goal areas, and adaptations
  • clickable links to websites and creator information


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