Documentation & HIPAA Compliance

When it comes to HIPAA compliance, be careful about storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox. There are extra steps you should take to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

HIPAA is one of those areas that may seem vague or mysterious. It doesn’t have to be! And vigilance does not have to be stressful. There are resources available to help keep you clean, clear, and compliant when it comes to HIPAA. In fact, here’s a second helpful resource from the AMTA.

(1) Dropbox has a plugin called Sookasa that may help with HIPAA compliance. (2) And Google Drive employs a Business Associate Agreement that may help with compliance responsibilities.

Watch the video to understand how HIPAA works with cloud storage. Allison Hingley, MM, MT-BC shines a bright light on HIPAA compliance options for documentation! As always, when in doubt, consult your attorney.

Kaleigh: So Google drive is not HIPAA compliant on its own unless you do have a business account. So Google apps or Google business same sort of thing. And it says she uses Dropbox to keep her paperwork secure. So I’m sure that means the double encryption because HIPAA means it has to be behind two locks.

Allison: Two locks, I think is the minimum. And the reason why I am so crazy about Microsoft and why I use it so much is because I can lock the files in my computer, I can lock the files in the folder in my computer, I can lock my computer, I can lock my house. Now we’re talking about there’s four locks on there. I mean, people, it’s really hard to get to those documents!

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