Yes, You Can! Frame Drum Techniques You Can Use TODAY

When it comes to versatility, the frame drum is the MVP.  Its dynamic, organic sounds allow you emulate the gentle rush of breath and wind or the driving pulse of a heartbeat with only your hands– all you need is the right technique!

If you have handdrums in your collection that are gathering dust or you are looking to add some spirit and rhythm to your work, picking up a handdrum connects you back to music makers and healers from every corner of the globe who have used the drum’s simple (yet powerful!) presence since humans started making music.

New to drumming? Needing to brush up on your percussion skills? Then you’ll benefit from these easy-to-master techniques from Christine Stevens, MSW, MT-BC! Watch the video below, and prepare to be inspired:

Ready for more? Take Christine’s Music for Wellness & Self-Care course!

When you do the best for yourSELF, your clients feel the benefit. This course will inspire you to take your own personal wellness to the next level. By joining Christin Stevens, MSW, MT-BC in the Music for Wellness & Self-Care course, you will:

  • Incorporate the 4 elements of Music & Wellness into your own wellness routine so that you can curb burnout and stay healthy.
  • Learn how to successfully develop and implement a music & wellness program for staff, older adults, your community, corporations, caregivers, families, children, and more.
  • Understand the evidence base for Music & Wellness work so that when you explain the practice to decision-makers, there’s no question about the effectiveness of your program.
  • Move the research out of your brain and onto the tip of your tongue.
  • Get inspired by easy, actionable steps to pioneer Music & Wellness with yourself, your clients, and your community!

“[The course is] great so far….the music had me up and dancing in my living room. Yeah :)” ~Beverlee Nelson, MT-BC in La Grange, Illinois

See you in the course!

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