How To Recertify & Submit CMTEs, Stress-Free

Ethics, umbrellas, and audits OH MY! We have been around the block a few times. And our team has learned a ton about recertification. You don’t have to go it alone! Watch the video below, and walk away knowing how to recertify and submit your CMTEs, stress-free.

In the video below, you will —

✅ Learn 13 ways to get your CMTEs for FREE. We’re not holding back on this.
✅ Understand the ins and outs of CMTE limits & requirements (including the infamous UMBRELLA GROUPINGS!) so that you eliminate stress entirely when you’re recertifying.
✅ Know what the ethics requirement entails and how you can fulfill it without wondering “if it really counts.”
✅ Finally, you will walk away with a plan for recertification so that you are confident AND saving money.
✅ Get a sneak peek at our new CMTE Tool that answers the question “Does this thing count for CMTEs?”


  1. This is a timely topic for me as I will need to submit my recertification credits soon. Thanks for offering this information. Looking forward to it!

  2. Hey kat i was confused by this.. can you earn any cmtes with this? I am not sure i can join live but i am trying to fulfill my cmte requirement by the end of June so i am checking out all the courses and am vip so i don’t want to take up your space since I’m already paying.. thanks!

    • Hi Rachel – Happy to clear your confusion. We are not offering approved CMTEs for this live zoom call. Since you are VIP, then you are certainly all set for hitting your June 30 recert deadline! But you’re more than welcome to attend the call, just in case you need the information moving forward.

    • Hi Tabitha! Once you enter your name and email, you’ll receive an email with instructions. Just click the link and Zoom will start downloading onto your device. =)

  3. I think I missed the live zoom call. How can I hear a recording? I submitted my first name and then nothing happened…

  4. Hi Kat, I am a long time VIP’er working on my last 20 credits before the end of June! I have 3 credits sitting in the “short events” category and am not sure if they count as is or if more action is needed. Hope I can make the live event, but if not I’ll be sure to listen to the recording. Thank you so much for approaching the subject of re-certification – it can get confusing!

    • Hey Nancy! Oh I can definitely answer this question for you on the call. Make sure to give me more details on what you placed into the “short events” category, and I’ll try to make it crystal clear for ya!

  5. I won’t be able to make the live event. I’m hoping it won’t be complicated to view and listen later. My CMTE Recertification is due June 30th. So , I really need to be sure I do everything correctly. And, I submit everything right before the deadline. Not, like you’re supposed to, every year. I’m hoping I have enough credits. If not, I’ll have to hustle! Thank you for having this opportunity, though!

    • ok Barbara! Listening to the recording will not be difficult. Just make sure you register, so we can send you the recording afterwards, and you’ll be all set! =) Good luck for your June 30 deadline!

  6. Better late than never! I just watched this recording – very helpful and informative!
    Thank you for sharing this information, Kat!

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