Why Trauma-Informed Care is Essential for Music Therapists

If the last few years have driven any lesson home for music therapy professionals, it is this:

Every music therapist needs to have some sort of foundational understanding of trauma-informed care.

Watch out for an upcoming chat with Tania Cordobés, MMT, MT-BC, about the importance of practicing with a trauma-informed care approach— no matter your setting. 

“Trauma-Informed Care provides a context and a framework for everything you do in your therapeutic practice. It’s like a lens: these are my trauma glasses. I’m viewing everything through this lens of being trauma-informed. There’s no prescription that I can write. There’s no checklist that I can give to say, ‘Oh, if you check these boxes, then you’re trauma informed.’”

There are the three R’s: realization, recognition and response: 

  • The realization that it exists.
  • The recognition of how it affects those we serve and, and those around us, including ourselves.
  • And then there’s the response to that. So how do we set up our life, essentially? How do we set up our practice to make sure that we’re responding in a way that people feel supported and safe?

[COMING SOON JUNE 2022] As music therapists, we have an ethical duty to have a foundational knowledge of trauma and trauma-informed care. If you’re ready to dive in & put this information into action, then check out our upcoming CMTE Trauma Informed Care for Music Therapists & Ethical Implications In this course, you will:

  • Explore what trauma is, how it affects the brain, learning, behavior, and relationships
  • Examine the ethical implications of trauma informed care in your practice
  • Discuss on how you as a music therapists can create safe, supportive environments so that your clients feel precious, powerful, and worthy
  • Explore the effect of secondary trauma on practitioners 
  • Discover actions to take care of yourself in this difficult and uncertain time.

This 4 CMTE course also fulfills the CBMT ethics credit requirements!

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